Conditions of Sale

Kohvisadam OÜ e-shop sales conditions

As of 11/28/2015

  1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. General conditions apply to the purchaser of goods (hereinafter the Customer) and Internet shop owner, the Kohvisadam OÜ (hereinafter e-shop), between the buying and selling of rules and procedures for the establishment, as well as the legal obligations of both parties to resolve the issues.

1.2. General terms and conditions which apply to goods e-shop sells, are no different from the requirements of Estonian legislation and regulations.

1.3. As a complement to the General Terms, the Customer is governed by e-shop established price list.

1.4. Kohvisadam OÜ has a right to make changes in the KOKOMO e-shop for the purpose of developing, as well as to change the General Terms and Conditions and the right to amend and supplement these Terms and Conditions and price lists. Changes and additions to the price-lists and conditions shall take effect from the date of publication at the website If an order by the Customer is made before e-shop modifications, the order currently in force will follow Terms and Conditions and price list that were effective at the time of the purchase.

1.5. e-shop and the Client wish to perform a transaction for the sale of goods / purchase e-shop through the website in accordance with the conditions laid down in this document. e-shop orders and the payment of the exercise, the Customer confirms that is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

2. Price

2.1. e-shop prices are given in Euros (€), net of transport.

2.2. All prices include 20% VAT.

2.3. The cost of delivery depends on the customer’s choice of the mode of delivery.

3. Basket and Checkout

3.1. The customer’s shopping cart is created after you press the button “Add to cart”. Adding to cart does not obligate the customer to buy the goods.

3.2. Order can press on the “Start placing the order.” You will be redirected on the checkout page.

3.3. The customer selects the appropriate ordering of delivery and the method of payment (see Delivery Conditions).

3.4. Before purchase read the e-shop sales conditions and put a tick box, which is the phrase “I have read the e-shop sales conditions and agree” side.

3.5. After pressing the “Buy Now” button is displayed to the Client an invoice drawn up. The invoice will automatically be sent a copy of the order shown in the e-mail address.

3.6. The customer verifies the accuracy of the information and the accuracy of the transmitter and the recipient.

3.7. Purchase contract shall be deemed to have been concluded (with effect) of the amount due from the moment it has transferred to the Kohvisadam OÜ bank account.

4. Paying

4.1. The customer chooses how to pay for the goods on the checkout page’s suitable for the method of payment.

4.2. The Customer may pay for the order in the following manner:

4.2.1. Internet Bank.

To make a payment directed to Customer order confirmation page automatically selected by the Internet bank:

Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Danske Bank.

4.2.2. Invoice.

The customer selects the order confirmation page, to “get the bill”, after which the bill is sent to his e-mail address.

The customer pays the invoice by bank transfer to the Kohvisadam OÜ bank account.

Details can be found at Payment Methods.

4.2.3. Credit card.

The customer placed the order confirmation page will automatically make a payment from the credit card.

4.3. The order and the invoice will be canceled if the bill is not paid within 7 days of receipt from the moment of the order. (see Delivery and Payment).

5. Delivery and delivery

5.1. Following the entry into force of section 3.7, and subject to section 1.5 are met, the goods ordered are delivered to the address specified by the customer.

5.2. For the transport of goods, we provide a selection of the following delivery methods, adhering to the principle – affordability, reliability, customer convenience (see Delivery and Payment):

5.2.1. Omniva parcel machine service is available in Estonia. (See for parcel machine locations)

5.2.2. Omniva express courier service is available all over Estonia.

5.2.3. Omniva courier service parcel machine is available throughout Estonia.

5.3. After the goods have been handed over to the courier, the courier will contact you to specify the connection time for delivery.

5.4. Courier delivers the goods to the address indicated in the order. If the goods have already been sent to the Customer, the delivery of goods can not be changed.

5.5. Order data shown depends on the accuracy and veracity of delays and misunderstandings preventing the delivery of goods. e-shop and courier companies are not responsible for delay and possible misunderstandings, if given the delays and misunderstandings occurred as a result of an incorrect order by the Customer.

5.6. e-shop recommend to carefully review the product packaging. Damaged goods, please send a message to e-mail address

Otherwise, it is difficult to satisfy potential claims.

6. Cancellation and return of goods

6.1. e-shop has the right to cancel the Customer’s order, if the bill remains unpaid within 7 working days. Before cancellation of an order a reminder of an unpaid invoice will be sent to the Customer.

6.2. If the goods ordered does not fit or does not meet the client’s expectations, he can return the goods within 14 working days from the time of its receipt. To return the Customer must send a specified time period (14 days) after the notification e-mail address

6.2.1. A refundable goods must be undamaged, unused, with labels and original packaging. Money for the returned goods received customer’s bank account within 14 working days from the time when the seller has received notice of termination. Deposit is paid back once the returned goods has been inspected in the e-shop warehouse.

6.2.2. For returns e-shop reserves the right to require the Customer to pay the transport costs amount up to 5 euros and transport costs deducted from the amount refunded.

6.3. If the returned merchandise or its packaging is damaged and damaged by inappropriate use of the goods by the Customer, as well as a part of the merchandise is used, it reserves e-shop the right to withhold an amount considered recoverable from the amount by which the value of the goods is reduced. In this case, the difference in the amount paid for the goods and the reduced value of the damaged item. If you are not willing to trade reduced the value of the sum, if you have the right to include an assessment by an independent expert. Expert-related costs will be shared equally between the Customer and e-shop, except in cases where one party’s position is completely unfounded. In this case, the expert shall bear all costs of the party whose position is unfounded.

6.4. e-shop will pay the costs of returning the goods if the goods were damaged in transit or goods had defects that were not able to detect the external examination, and which did not have the package is opened or when the goods did not comply with the order.

6.5. e-shop reserves the right to cancel the order if the ordered goods are out of stock, and the Customer does not agree e-shop offered substitute goods.

7. Warranty and complaints right

7.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act (Chapter 11, section 218 (2)) The customer has the right to file claims within two years from the date of purchase of the goods. The first six months of the detected defect, it is assumed that it was already in existence at the moment of its purchase. The nature of the defect or deficiency determines e-shop seller.

7.2. Disputes that arise between the parties are to be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the Customer has the right to seek legal redress from the Consumer Protection Board, consumer complaints, the Commission or the Harju County Court.

7.3. Submit the pretensions to the following e-mail address, including:

invoice / order number;

the client’s name and contact information;

commodity defect is discovered, a description of where and when the defect was discovered or developed, and include photographs of the defect in the product clearly visible;

Requirements to the e-shop.

7.4. The corresponding application must be sent no later than two months from the time of discovery of the defect. If the Customer does not submit a statement within this period, he loses the right to claim from e-shop free repairs or parts replacement for the goods.

7.5. If it is a manufacturing failure, the Customer is entitled to have the goods repaired, but the repair or maintenance of inefficiency in the absence of the possibility the Customer is entitled to demand the replacement of the goods. The Customer is entitled to demand the money back only in the case where the workpiece or replacement within a reasonable period of time has proven to be impossible due to the lack of a suitable product (Obligations Act, chapter 11, subsection 222 (1)).

7.6. The return of defective goods shall be returned to the Customer the amount paid for the goods (including transport costs) that bank account within 14 days from the moment of the return of the defective goods.

7.7. is not liable for:

7.7.1. deterioration of characteristics of the goods / goods for damages incurred due to the negligence or fault of the customer;

7.7.2. defects and deficiencies that have arisen as a result of improper use of the product;

7.7.3. natural wear and tear of the goods, which are generated during normal operation goods.

7.8. e-shop customer service will provide a written response to the complaint within 15 days after the submission of a claim.

7.9. In addition to the rights arising from the claims of the right, the buyer has all the other rights arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

8. Liability and force majeure

8.1. According to the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia, e-shop can not be held responsible for the damage incurred due to breach of e-shop.

8.2. According to the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia e-shop Customer is responsible for the damage incurred by the Customer due to breach.

8.3. Neither party is responsible in front of the second half, and the violation of the terms of delay or default form will not lead to liability if it were independent of the parties due to force majeure circumstances.

4.8. e-shop does not compensate for moral damage, which may occur in the delivery times, prices and other conditions change within the framework of the existing General Terms and Conditions.

8.5. e-shop will not reimburse the cost of the Customer, which is due to the circumstances, if the client takes on the responsibility of third parties (who are independent from e-shop) on terms which are inconsistent with these terms and conditions.

8.6. e-shop will not reimburse the customer the opportunity that remained delivery deadlines, prices and other terms and conditions as a result of changes in the use.

9. Other Conditions

9.1. e-shop reserves the right to send customer information on new products, services and promotional offers, unless the client has been ordered to send your newsletters. The customer has the right to have their data removed from the database of e-shop.

9.3. Questions, which does not allow the settlement of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

9.4. Customer service e-shop is open for you around the clock.

For questions and suggestions arise, please contact us via

9.5. Privacy Policy. e-shop follows the processing of personal data in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia (see Privacy Policy).

10. Withdrawal from the agreement – Disclaimer

10.1. Commodity image is representative in nature. e-shop will try to describe the items and their properties to a maximum of precise, but we can not lay claim to the truth of last resort. Goods manufacturers may change specifications without prior coordination with us.

If you notice any inaccuracies in the image or the description of the goods, please report it to e-mail address

10.2. The range of goods and prices are subject to change without prior notice. About the goods checked and is regularly updated.

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