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Grape juice, forest fruits, honey & to top it off sweet & creamy.


Mateo is a first generation coffee grower, though he grew up on his parents’ farm where they grew traditional food crops like corn and beans. During the coffee harvest season, his family often traveled to work at farms in the region and worked as coffee pickers, which taught Mateo how to work with coffee. He’s proud to work on his own coffee parcels now and grow high-quality coffee.

He is part of the cooperative El Sendero which provides coffee producers support and information around Concepcion Huista in Huehuetenango region. The cooperative was formed in 2016 and it has 196 coffee producing members, of which 62 are women and 134 are men. The cooperative focuses on gender equality among coffee producers and especially supports young coffee producers.

Mateo and his family work together to process coffee. Because they live far from the parcels that grow coffee, they have set up a small wet mill by the farm in order to process coffees properly the same day they are harvested. The coffee is fermented dry for 24 hours, and then washed thoroughly.

They place it in a tank to soak for an additional 12-24 hours in fresh, clean water after washing. Once the second soak is complete, the family will spread the coffee out on the cement patio and allow it to dry in the sun for about 4 days, moving the coffee every hour to ensure even drying. Throughout the process, they are working directly with the coffee, which allows them to manually sort out defective beans and improve the overall quality of their lot – and their attention to detail allows the final product to shine!


300 g, 500 g, 1 kg




Whole Beans, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, FrenchPress, Filter

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