Blueberry, candyfloss, cranberry, chocolate


A collaboration between DRW and Cafe Granja La Esperanza sees a lighter fruitier field blend between Potosi farm and their immediate neighbours.
Cherry is fermented for 15 hours at a controlled temperature before being moved to a dehumidifier for another 72 hours until fully dried.
It is then dehulled and bagged for export.

The farm that started it all, where Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera worked. In 1945 they introduced Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra to the existing Typica and Café Granja La Esperanza was born.
22 hectares of the farm are forest, and with the 52 hectares of coffee it’s the biggest farm in the area. It lies across the sweet valley from Las Margaritas and handles the dry milling for both farms. The three mechanical driers that it is also home to set fire to the farmhouse in 2018 (no one was hurt) and earned them the nickname of Tres Dragones, or three dragons.

Experimentation is also carried out on the farm, currently with some mother/father geisha breeding trials as well as varieties being field tested before larger scale production is carried out.


300 g




Whole Beans, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, FrenchPress, Filter

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