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About Finca La Bella micro-lot.

The single estate is located in Circasia which is a municipality of Quindio between the Western and Central Andes.The single estate is 53 hectares in which they produce an average of 90.000 kilos of parchment a year. The owner of the farm is Luz Gamboa who has been passionate about coffee since she was a child.

It is in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains. Its capital is Armenia. It is famous for the quality of the coffee plantations, colorful architecture, benign weather, variety of hotel accommodations and tourist landmarks.

This department consists entirely of mountain landscapes covered in tropical rainforest and Guadua bamboo forests. The ground is enriched with ancient volcanic eruptions, raising its fertility. There are also many rivers and streams, including the Quindío River which rises in the Cocora Valley. This department is selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage because of the cultural coffee landscape.

There are 23.000 Hectares planted with Coffee in Quindío. Usually the production process is fully washed with fermentations between 12 to 36 hours and drying in patios or African beds.


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