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Blackcurrant, Rasberry, Lemon


This sun-dried coffee from just outside Kirinyaga town on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya earns the name Kariru from an infamous local man.

Operating under the Baragwi Co-operative society, the Kariru factory has been running for well over 30 years, having started processing coffee back in 1986.

Now at around 2500 farmers the factory continues to work to improve their quality and reach. Using water from the local river to wash the coffee, this is recycled back to the mill and reused to pulp the coffee, meaning water consumption has been driven down significantly. Once pulped, soaked and washed, the beans are dried in the sun on raised beds before being shipped


300 g, 500 g, 1 kg




Whole Beans, Chemex /V60, AeroPress, FrenchPress, Filter

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