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Clementines, gummies, sweet cacao with a long creamy aftertaste.



Juan Pablo is a first generation coffee producer who works and lives with his wife, son and his daughter-in-law. He gave the land a name in the Mayan language Popti: Mesté. Referring to the flatness of the plot which is surrounded by hills.

He started with coffee farming in 1980, when the armed conflict that took place in Guatemala came to an end. Juan Pablo emigrated to the coast of Guatemala looking for work but instead encountered coffee. Full of hope he purchased his first coffee seeds. He didn’t have any experience cultivating coffee, but was motivated to make it work. There was no vehicle access to their land, so he and his wife carried the coffee plants to the farm on their backs.

Juan’s caturra cherries are only picked when they are at their ripest. Juan’s wife and daughter-in-law start picking cherries from 6 in the morning and they don’t finish until 4 in the afternoon. At 5pm the team of women starts depulping the coffees, which usually takes around 4 hours to finish. Once the depulping is finished the coffee is fermented. The fermentation takes place in anaerobic circumstances since the outside temperature on the farm is quite low at this point. After 38 hours the fermentation is finished and the coffee is washed. Once the parchment coffee is washed clean of any remaining pulp, it is submerged in water for another 5 hours. After the coffee has gone through this extensive washing process it is dried on a concrete patio for 6 days. The patio-drying coffee sees 5 hours of sun every day since the drying process takes place from 9am until 2pm. The team makes sure to turn the coffee every 40 minutes to ensure even drying. The coffee pulp and other by-products from the wet processing are turned into compost, which provides the farm with fertilizer year after year.

Juan Pablo says that the key to achieving good quality coffee is to take care in employing people who have a passion for the crop, every step of the way!


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