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Black cherry and honey sweet black tea with notes of vanilla.



Fredy Orantes is a true leader among the coffee growers of Santa Rosa, and has worked tirelessly to maintain high standards in the field and during the harvest in order to produce the best possible coffees. By keeping careful records, he is able to create special small lots, including lots separated by coffee variety, which are then carefully processed. Buena Vista is, of course, named for the remarkable views of Santa Rosa you can glimpse from the farm.

This Buena Vista Honey lot represents an exciting collaboration between Fredy and Primavera’s expert dry mill team. The cherries, expertly harvested in order to deliver only the ripest fruits, are delivered to our mill in Fraijanes the day they are harvested, where they will first be rinsed to remove any dust or debris, as well as to homogenize cherry temperature and remove any less dense cherries, which float to the top of the water.

Under the guidance of Santos Moran, our mill manager in charge of special processes, the honeys are dry fermented in clean, sealed bags for 24 hours. This careful process of fermentation is key for the final cup quality of the lot. In cooler weather, this process might extend as long as 48 hours. Once the coffee has rested in its fermentation stage, the cherries are unsealed and depulped by machine, then transferred directly to raised beds for drying.

Our mill and drying beds are situated at a lower altitude than the coffee farm itself, with strong sun and warm temperatures during the day at this time of year. The sticky honey coffee dries slowly in the sun, and is turned on the beds 3 times each morning and 3 times in the afternoon by workers in order to ensure even and thorough drying. This lot was dried in the sun for 13 days in order to reach suitable moisture content for export.

Once the coffee is dry, the final step is for our team to dry mill this coffee; the parchment is removed and the coffee is sorted for defects by machines, then bagged for export.


300 g, 500 g, 1 kg




Whole Beans, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, FrenchPress, Filter

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