KOKOMO is a commitment to the people, coffee and taste that the world has to offer.
We are always looking to learn, share and teach.

Our aim is to develop the coffee culture in Estonia.
In order to bring more good coffee to Estonians, to Estonia, there needs to be a demand.
People need to taste how good coffee can be, only then they know to ask for it.
It should not be something that you can find only in bigger cities,
it can be available and possible everywhere as long as there’s people.

Our first project in 2013 was a summer pop-up café we held in a historic fishing village on a small island in West Estonia. Offering artisan coffee along with light food focusing on the local fish and other produce and home made cakes. It was amazing to hear that people would drive all the way from Tallinn just to visit our café because they had heard of it and wanted to experience themselves.

Other projects have been in different festivals and various events, to name a few: Intsikurmu music festival in Põlva; “Kahvliahvi Metsakohvik” a forest café in Soomaa National Park; DisainiÖÖ – Tallinn Design Night Festival; Museum of Estonian Architecture; creative coffee mornings for the students in the Estonian Academy of Arts.

A workshop includes coffee cupping, basics about coffee itself, the essential factors and hands on coffee making with alternative equipment such as Chemex, Aeropress, V60 but also French press and Moka pot. The aim is to introduce how amazingly different coffee can taste and give people better chance to learn about making very good coffee at home.

Great coffee is not a secret shared only among the café folk.
It should be a common knowledge.

Sinu mõtted, küsimused ja hõiked on teretulnud:

+372 56 240 970

Kokomo Coffee Roasters Est 2015

2015 aasta suvel otsustasime võtta veelgi julgema sammu oma unistuste täitumise suunas ning Kokomo Coffee Roasters sündis. Me alustasime päris algusest, et selgeks saada meie uus röstimasin ning et luua unikaalsed röstiprofiilid meie Brasiilia, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Etioopia ja Keenia ubadele.   

KOKOMO Coffee 2014

2014. aastal tegime järgmise sammu hea kohvi suunas. Korraldasime üle Eesti erinägulisi pop-up kohvikuid, testisime erinevaid kohvisi ning tegime koolitusi. See õpetas meile kui palju tööd tuleb teha, et head kohvi inimesteni tuua. 

KOKOMO pop-up 2013

Esimene Kokomo müügikoht oli väike kohvik ajaloolises kalurikülas Koguvas, Muhu saarel. Just seetõttu oli meri meie esimeseks inspiratsiooniallikaks identiteedi loomiseks. Puitpaadi pruun, ankur ning meresinine olid need mis käsid Kokomo brändiga käsikäes. 

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