We get people jazzed

We’ll have people writing you days later to tell you how good the coffee was. We’ll have people ready to boogie at your party because they’ve turned back three shots of espresso and couldn’t help snatching up a cappuccino on their way to the desert table. And we are humble, so you can take all the credit.

Every event is different. Write us and we’ll offer the best solution designed just for you.

We train, do demos, or just serve the best coffee in town.

Bean here, bean there


Coffee solution for Cafe Fellin at Tallinn Music Week pop-up resto

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 09.57.30

Coffee shop in CultureHub

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 09.50.14

Private cupping for home users

A pop-up cafe in Museum of Estonian Architecture


Kokomo Coffee presentation in Uba ja Humal

Active trainings for friends in Café August

Trainings and workshops in Tartu, Barlova


Workshop & cupping in Creative Hub Garden


Cupping & trainings in Viljandi, Café Fellin

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