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Paperfilters for coffee

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Wide range of different kind of filter papers to your suitable equipment.


Chemex/ Pourover/ Dripper & Aeropress Filters

 “\/” shape coffee filter (V60) – 100pcs per pack
Chemex 3 cup / 6 cup cone shape filters – 100pcs per pack
Aeropress filter – 350pcs per pack

Short explanation of different types:

Number means the size. 01 is for 1-2- cups and 02 is for 2-4 cups.
V60 – Filter is shaped as a “\/”
102 – Classic Melitta types of filter. Shaped such as a “\_/”
K02 – Round flat bottom with curly edges “\__/”

Always rinse the filter paper prior to adding ground coffee – this serves two purposes; firstly it warms the coffee dripper and vessel, whether it’s a cup, mug or range server, and it removes any hint of paper taste that could creep into your delicious coffee.

Coffee Filter's

V60-02, CHEMEX 6 CUP

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