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Ethiopia Guyato Bedecho Single Farmer


Country                              Ethiopia
Region                                Yirgacheffe
Zone                                    Gedeo
District                                Beloya
Washing Station               Chelchlele
Altitude                              1800 masl
Variety                                Kurume, Dega, Wolisho
Harvest                               November – January
Process                               Washed


The Chelchlele washing station is located in the Gedeo zone in the Yirgacheffe region.

This coffee is grown by Mr. Guyato Bedecho, on his farm which is surrounded by Cordia Africana and Acacia Ensete shade trees and grown in red brown soil which is typical for the region. Interestingly the Cordia Africana has been used in the manufacture of drums.

The coffee is picked at its optimum ripeness, then transported to the washing station where it is then fermented for 48 hours and then dried for 15 days in an African drying bed.

Varieties from Ethiopia come from broadly two categories – Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC), an Ethiopian research centre concentrating on breeding coffees more resistant to pests (about 40 varieties), and regional landraces which grow wild in Ethiopia (not all are yet documented but thought to be over 10,000)

The Kurume, Dega and Wilsho varieties which go into this coffee are regional landres usually found in the area.

Kurume coffee was named after an indigenous tree, known for its small fruit size and good yield. The coffee tree Kurume which also has a small fruit and good yield was therefore named after the same tree, its characteristics are a compact canopy and fairly small leaves. Dega is known for its medium canopy and medium fruit and bean size. Wilisho was named after a local tree because of the similarities, it has a large fruit and an inconsistent yield.



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Light Roast


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