El Salvador Urrutias Estates

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Varietals:  Pacas, Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Owner: Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Urrutia Centeno
Altitude: 900- 1800 m.a.s.l
District: Cantón El Tortuguero y Cuyanausul, Municipio de Atiquizaya, Departamento de Ahuachapán
Region: Western part of El Salvador at the Cordillera of Apaneca and Comasagua, La Libertad

History of the farm
Date back to the 1870 ́s when Mr. Juan Urrutia planted the first coffee trees at high altitude in volcanic soil,
his first crop was 27 bags, as time passed, coffee plantation grew and it has become in our family a tradition,
improving quality year after year.

Total Extension
1000 mz approximately 700 Ha, 2000 acres.

Area of Coffee Plantation
800 mz approximately 560Ha 1800 acres.

Agricultural Practices
Rainforest Alliance Certified

Shade type trees
Traditional Ingas and other native varieties (pepeto, cuje negro, eucaliptos, gravileo, cuje de río)

High: 900-1800 msn

Average Rainfall Precipitation : 2100 mm yearly

Average Temperature : 10°-25° C

Soil Type: Terra Roxa and volcanic soil

Conservation Practices
100% shade grown, we plant native trees every year and to prevent erosion we use izote,
witch is our national flower and we use a native plant copalchi as a natural wind barrier.
In the fauna issues, we fight to rescue native animals through integral programs.

Legal Practices
We are a permanent source of work for many families, in the countryside, providing over 800 jobs at our highest activity time, we provide free food and transportation for our workers and we abide by all legal requirements.


300 g, 500 g, 1 kg


Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast


Whole Beans, Chemex, V02/K02/102, AeroPress, FrenchPress, Filter, Moka Pot, Espresso

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