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Brazil Daterra Sunrise

10,20 25,90 

Medium bodied, nuts and chocolate


Varietals: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Owner: Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia
Altitude: 1000-1300 m.a.s.l
District: Areado
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais


Granja São Francisco

The farm “Granja São Francisco” was acquired on the year of 1937 by Mr. Octaviano Pinto Lopes Ribeiro,
maternal grandfather of Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia, current owner.

Renowned and experienced entrepreneur on the exportation coffee business on the decades of 30 and 40, made considerable fame on the comercial means where he acted by his great business view and enterprising spirit, which led him to recognizein advance the peculiar qualities of the lands ofcoffee making from Sul de Minas (South of Minas).

Taking over the farm, Otaviano Ribeiro Ceglia thenchooses for a dynamic and professionaladministration of the Granja São Francisco (theGleba São Francisco and Gleba Flamengo belong to Granja São Francisco), determining among other providences the immediate renovation of the coffee plantations existent. and the harvest of new varieties. The farming are cultivated on a variable height between 900 and 1,300 meters, which relief, very characteristic of the region, is recognized as and ideal ambient for mountain coffee growing not only by the excellence of its lands, by the mild temperatures during the whole year, with definedseasons and precipitation levels well distributed.

The respect and care with the environment for a long time have been a part of the exploration guidelines of the propriety, where the owner’s ecologic conscience and his relatives, together with the collaborators who act on the farm, have kept preserved the exuberant fauna and flora of the place, a typical Serra da Mantiqueira region. The Granja São Francisco nowadays counts on 12 direct collaborators, who live on the farm itself withtheir relatives, having access to health insurance and education. On the harvest season the demand for temporary labor for the manual handling of the coffee guarantees location and support for other workers from town.

Commitment to quality
On the year of 2007 the Granja São Francisco conquered the third place of the category “Cafés Naturais” (Natural Coffees) on the 4th “Concurso de Qualidade dos Cafés de Minas Gerais” (Coffee Quality Contest of Minas Gerais), promoted by EMATER-MG.

In 2008 obtained the sixth place on the 9th Coffee Quality Contest of Brazil and Auction “Cup of Excellence”. The propriety is certified by this year’s “Programa Certifica Minas Café” (Program Certifies Minas Coffee).
On the year 2009 was finalist of the 10th Coffee Quality Contest of Brazil and Auction “Cup of Excellence”, and on the following year obtained the second place on the VII Coffee Quality Contest of Minas Gerais, category “Natural of South of Minas”.

Total area: 378.7 hectares
Area planted in coffee: 35 hectares

Coordinates: 22o 07’ 41” S – 45o 10’ 26” W



300 g, 500 g, 1 kg


Medium Roast, Dark Roast


Whole Beans, AeroPress, Moka Pot, Espresso

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