ACME 192ml Grey Cappuccino Cups

Acme & Co designs robust and beautiful cups for the specialty coffee market.
Acme & Co is based in NZ and owned and run by a team of individuals with a long history in specialty coffee.

Made from heavy duty china, these thick walled tulip shaped cups come in a range of colours.
Saucers are sold separately.

Matches: ACME 145mm saucer
Outside diameter: 96mm
Height: 57mm


Acme & Co is the brainchild of Jeff Kennedy –
NZ Specialty Coffee Association inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and Godfather of NZ espresso.

Acme & Co was founded in 2011 by Jeff and partner Bridget Dunn from Jeff’s
longstanding ambition to create the cups he had always wanted.
In 2013 Jeff and Bridget opened Prefab – the 180 seater flagship cafe for Acme.
Prefab is the test lab for Acme cups where Jeff roasts coffee and Bridget hosts hundreds of customers each day.

Jeff and Bridget have had long careers in hospitality and coffee in New Zealand most notably as former owners of
Caffe L’affare – the coffee roasting company and cafe that Jeff founded in 1990.

These strong coffee connections lead to the beginning of international distribution –
our friends from Coffee Supreme Melbourne and Caravan Coffee Roasters in London
came on board in 2012 and exposed the cups to a wider market.

You can now see Acme cups in many of the great cafes around the globe –
from Budapest to New York, Sydney to Singapore
and now in Tallinn, Estonia

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