KOKOMO is a freshest micro roastery in Estonia, introducing different characters from various coffee origins by constantly sourcing fresh crops.

“KOKOMO is a commitment to the people, coffee and taste that the world has to offer.
We are always looking to learn, share and teach.”

Our aim is help to develop the coffee culture in Estonia.
In order to bring more good coffee to Estonia, there needs to be a demand.
People need to taste how good coffee can be, only then they know to ask for it.

“Great coffee is not a secret shared only among the café folk.
It should be a common knowledge.”



In 2016  we decided to go after for another set of single origins.
We included to our first range some extraordinary Brasil’s, El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia.

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Kokomo Coffee Roasters Est 2015

By 2015, we made bold step closer to our dreams, and KOKOMO Coffee Roasters were established. We started from the bottom to understand our new machine and create unique roast profiles for our first coffee origins Brasil, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Ethiopia & Kenya.

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KOKOMO Coffee 2014

In 2014 we took step forward for good coffee. We did multiple different pop-up cafes, cuppings & trainings all around Estonia and understand how much work there is yet to do in order to bring people more closer to better coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 00.01.13

KOKOMO pop-up 2013

The first retail outlet being a small café in the old fishing port of Koguva, on the Muhu island, a marine theme carries the whole identity. The wordmark was inspired by the crude lettering found on wooden fishing boats, marbled papers were used for labels and an anchor was embossed on them.

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