Tips & tricks for better coffee

Seek freshness

Buy local, as you buy everything else for your family and friends. Start with fresh, cold water. Avoid using water from the hot tap or water that has already been boiling for a long time. After bringing to a boil, let it calm for a minute, coffee loves to bloom in 94-96°C water. Use only goose neck kettle for pour overs.

Use correct grind

Each brewing method requires it’s own grind. Always measure and grind your coffee just before brewing. Grind the exact amount, not to leave any coffee waiting for the next time. Ask for the correct grind for your coffee maker. We can give you samples to make sure the right size for the grounds.

Course grind for french press & cowboy coffee ~60g beans per 1000ml.

Medium grind for filter & pour overs ~18g beans per 300ml, ~35g beans per 500ml.

Fine grind for espresso & moka ~20g of coffee.

Take care of your beans

Store your beans in dry and dark. Keep them airtight. Don’t freeze or cool the beans and avoid light and heat. Unless you are brewing your coffee. Brew as much as you like, but never too light.


Don’t be afraid to play with your equipment and grind size. Discover your favourite flavour balance!

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