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    Kokomo Stamps

    A year has passed and we’re anxious again to share you the first peeks of our new package design elements, coffee stamps Englishman in Estonia, Sir Ryan Chapman created this second 4-set of stamps to represent and mark the coffee origins on our new packages soon available to enjoy. AKU Collective Find more works of the true gentleman …

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    Estonian Design Awards 2016

    Estonian Design Awards 2016 finals / shortlist revealed KOKOMO Coffee packages presented by AKU in Package / Exclusive small series and products category

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    New Retro, Graphics & Logo in Retro Style

    KOKOMO COFFEE stamps by Ryan Chapman presented in Graphics & Logo book New Retro. Get your limited release now! victionary About the book. New Retro is a compendium of fashionable designs that draws inspirations from the past. Whether it is to tie contemporary culture with stories of former times, or simply to manifest a love for the good old …

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    Karbo Kohv – Nitro Coffee

    Nitrogen—a chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7 is a transparent, odorless, diatomic gas, that can also be added to a keg along with coffee to yield a foamy, caffeinated beverage known as “nitro coffee.” Cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. As high …

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    Mother’s Day Special

    Handmade ceramic coffee dripper is a beautiful and functional gift for yourself or your loved-ones. Special limited edition with different colours and designs to suit your home. Each dripper is unique! Handmade in Estonia by Keerud. Dishwasher safe. Comes with filters – V02 & bag of coffee Wrapped in a gift box. Offer valid until 8.4.2016

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    INTERVJUU: Eesti kohvibränd Kokomo

    Aprillikuise Eesti Ekspressi lisast Maitsed saab lugeda kohvi kõrvale pisut meie tegemiste telgitagustest ja unistustest! Loe lähemalt

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    Selver Gurmee

    Now available in Selver Gurmee Since April 2016 you can find some of our coffee’s in biggest super & hypermarket chain store SELVER Selver Gurmee shelfs in Järve, Peetri, Pirita, Viimsi, Tondi & Saare Selver Costa Rica – Tarrazu – San Pedro Ethiopia – Sidama – Kilenso Mokonisa KOKOMO espresso blend of Brazil/Costa Rica/Kenya SELVER Foto: / KOKOMO

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    Eesti uusim kohviröstija KOKOMO pakub muusikanädala ajal üle linna head kohvi uuris Tallinn Music Week’i nädalal meie tegemiste kohta Loe lähemalt

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    Designing a food experience to remember

    We Factory FB event In a world dominated by information and big uncertainties organizations in the food industry are struggling to reach out their customers and communicate their unique value. Customers no longer believe in the word of brands – they want to feel their value: Quality, traceability, fairness, reliability, innovation, great taste, emotions. Besides customers …

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  • no PAIN, no GAME!

    Arhitektuurimuuseumis saab näha/kuulda/katsuda interaktiivset näitust no PAIN, no GAME! 24. oktoobri perepäeval on muuseumis KOKOMO POP-UP! Ei janu, uni ega kõhu korin saa takistada mängulusti ning ka kohvi valmistamine on üks paras mänguliselt lummav tegevus, millega soovijad kindlasti lähemalt tutvuda saavad. Tegevust nii suurtele kui väikestele! *** Mis oleks, kui võiksid terve päeva mängida ja …

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